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Special Needs Adoption InformationChina Waiting Children Adoption Program

Chinese OrphanThe China waiting child adoption program is a great choice when considering an international adoption. There are thousands of infants, babies and children living in orphanages in China who have special needs and who are available for adoption. These children have varying degrees of physical problems which might include such things as sight impaired, hearing impaired, missing limbs, cleft palate, correctible heart defects, Hepatitis B, or other kinds of physical problems. Sometimes just the fact that a child is older could mean he or she is considered a special needs child. Many families interested in adopting a special needs child can qualify for grant money or low interest loans to help defray the cost of adoption. And, the timeline for an adoption of a waiting child with special needs is much faster than the traditional China adoption process.

Wagon GirlAdoptive families must meet the same requirements as those families who are adopting from the traditional China program with just a few exceptions. CCCWA allows adoptive parents to be up to 55 years old before the cut off for age applies and CCCWA is also a bit more flexible about the number of children in the family. Often times families with more than 4 children currently living at home can be approved to adopt a waiting child.

Please see our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions.

Click here to see a video about adopting young boys from China.

Please see our Welcome Home Story about Eli here.

*Application Fee
*Program Fee
Referral Confirmation Fee
*Home Study Review (for out of state clients)
*Document Management Fee
Placement Fee
*Post Adoption Report Fee
$2000 (Utah clients) or $1000 (out of state clients)
Home Study
$1200 (Utah) $100-$2500 (depending on social worker found out of state)
**CCCWA Dossier Registration
**CCCWA Maintenance Fee
**Orphanage Donation
The orphanage donation is calculated in RMB’s and will be invoiced according to the current exchange rate when the referral is sent to adopting parents. The cost is app. $5,500.
**Provincial Fees
$1900 (includes US visa, medical exam, adoption registration, passport, photos, notary/translation, and newspaper ad)
**Chinese Guide
**Domestic Travel within China
USCIS Fee - I600A
Authentication of documents
Courier fee for authentication of documents
Fed Ex fees
Airfare to China
Food and Accommodations in China
Flight #2 in country
$150-$800 one way/person ***
Visa to enter China
+If you do not have a child locked at time of dossier submission the regular fee of $1050 applies.
*These fees are required by the agency, Wasatch International Adoptions.
**These fees are required by the foreign country.
***These fees may vary from dossier to dossier depending on the number of documents (for example a single person’s dossier will be smaller than a married couple’s dossier). Expenses also may vary depending on when you travel, where you travel in country, and where you stay.

If you are interested in receiving the most current information about these waiting children, please contact our office.
Phone – 801-334-8683 Email – kathy@wiaa.org.



**Note: Upon request, WIA will disclose the following: Service policy Contracts, the number of adoption placements per year for the prior 3 calendar years, the number of placements that remain intact, the number of families who apply to adopt each year, and the number of waiting children eligible for adoption. To obtain this information please call our office.


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